Lets have some rest!

Assalammualaikum 2013! Damn it hahaha dah 2013 dah omg :( dah tua lol baru 14 tahun whatever la janji dah tua :(

So maaf la dah lama tak update blog apa semua. Bulan apa, no idea. However dont worry be happy. Bab 11 sedang updating <3 so lets talk about 2013.

My new year? Just...forget about it. I dont like to talk about it. I hate my new year. Hate is so much just so much. My 2013 ruined when Haylor is dating. Whatever your decision Harry. I'm happy for you now love you so much ok? mwah :*

My 2013 list? i've no idea. New life? New friends? New me? Nahh i dont think so. Lets just be me and forever me. Be original and i love my life! Idgaf if you hate me. Just go away. Live while we're young. I just cant wait for 7th January and 12th January omg omg omg i cant breathe! Yayy! Kiss you official video music and ZAYN BIRTHDAY!

Hey baby! you're 20 this 12th January 2013. But nevermind you look like 13 years old trust me. forever young <3 muah/ Thanks for everything. You make me happy when im sad, cried, stress and give up. You and the boys bring me to life back and i own you my life. How i wish you know how much i love you and the boys. You boys mean so much to my life. I will tell the world that one day i will be able to see you guys! Trust me baby just trust me <3

2013 list
*Meet One direction
*Be happy
*No stress
*Be original
*No anti
*Be myself
*No more faking 

so that's my 2013 life. So guys enjoy your life! Happy forever xoxo Zue