too busy

i miss everything about us. i miss everything and everything......

im too busy having a great time w my bitches and when the time came.....i always think that boyfriend is nothing. nothing special. i still can live without them!

too busy for tears. im too busy for tears. wasted! feeling so not well. what i want is a normal life. nahh i just cant describe it by words. i'm not pretending 4 being happy cause i am. 

wasted tears? i did....i did it for so many time till the time i realize that "nothing is changed when im crying" nothing just nothing. so i make up my mind for not to waste my tears again. And Alhamdulillah, its great now! my tears is precious. so precious! i kept it for 8 month. I live my life, i was about to cry but Alhamdulillah! everything is under control. but tonight....just me and only me alone in the room. im not crying just thinking about my life. berapa lama dah saya waste time for thinking about BOYS? nothing! zero plus plus is on boys. boys cant changed my life. 

Girl take over the world. im strong enough to face it alone. im too strong to face it alone but sometimes, i just cant stand anymore. i need someone who always stay by my side. who always be there 4 me. who always keep supporting me from the beginning to the end. the one who always say im not alone to face the reality, im not alone to face the truth of being hurt, im not alone to face the sadness of the story, im not alone to face it alone! im not...

i need someone who always say "babe, you save w me." "stop crying please, its hurt me so badly when saw your precious tears." and hug me tightly! finally! i found someone who will keep me save. who always been there for me. who always support me for everything. who always say "shh take it slow" and who always "stop crying please" "boy always be like that" "come on, u still have me bitch" "u always have us by your side" i found! what i mean 6 ppl who will promise to stay by my side. who always love me and who always keep me save. 

Alhamdulillah, Allah SWT kurniakan aku kawan yang baik, yang murah hati, yang penyanyang, yang marah seperti ayah, sayang seperti ibu, belai kita seperti akak, penegur seperti abang.

im so glad to have Nor Farihah, Nur Syuhada, Siti Aminah, Nafis Hasya, Natasha Zulaikha and Alia Nissa in my life. without them in my life i just cant imagine it. and i just cant imagine life will ruin....and tears will always stay by my side. 

Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku, Yang Maha Pemurah Dan Maha Menglihat, Terima kasih ya Allah kerana kurniakan aku kawan yang baik seperti ini ya Allah. Sekali lagi aku syukur kepada-Mu!